How Orbizorb Works

How do Orbizorb Products Work?

All of  Orbizorb’s products use  SpillLock! SpillLock is a super-absorbing fiber that can hold up to 150 times its weight in liquid! These super-absorbing fibers are woven into our products, allowing them to absorb liquid of any kind. In order to keep your surfaces dry at all times, Orbizorb pads all have a non-slip poly backing to prevent liquid going through to your floor.

 Why Is Orbizorb the Best In the Market Place?

Orbizorb’s products are all Made in the USA and are manufactured with superior quality. Our products are not only disposable and easy to use, but they absorb more liquid than any other pad in the market place! They also use a non-slip poly backing to prevent your pad from moving when using it and are made with 60% recycled fibers, making them one of the greenest surface protection solutions out there!


Our products are multi-functional and can be used for any surface you need to protect from liquids. We make our products at sizes suited for high-traffic household surfaces, however you can cut them to whatever size you need to protect unique areas in your home. Look at the pictures below of different ways to use our pads.