About Orbizorb

ORBIZORB LLC. is a family run business based out of Germantown, Wisconsin. The owner and founder has been in the absorbent industry for well over a decade. Recently, it was recognized that there is a demand for home absorbent solutions for people who are tired of liquid spills ruining their floors, expensive carpets and rugs, not to mention, the cost and time to repair and clean up

ORBIZORB currently offers several categories of home absorption solutions to provide protection for a variety of surfaces such as wood flooring, carpeting, garage floors, shelves and counter tops. The current categories of product ORBIZORB offers are Specialty pads (Christmas Tree Pads), Hunting & Camping Pads, Mud Room/ Garage Pads, Pet Pads, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Pads. All of these products help provide a clean, easy and inexpensive solution to those messy household issues.

ORBIZORB is bringing new, green, efficient, and disposable home absorption solutions to the marketplace. Thank you for your interest in ORBIZORB LLC. We look forward to doing business with you.

These Orbizorb products use super-absorbent SpillLock to absorb and contain liquids, preventing damage to your surfaces.

For Best Results:

  • Remove pad/mat from package and unfold.
  • Place mat on clean, dry surface with polybacking side down. (This will hold your mat in place without sliding).
  • Orbizorb products will begin to absorb liquid within seconds after the liquid hits the mat.
  • When it becomes too saturated or dirty after use, simply dispose of the mat in accordance with you local regulations.

Orbizorb products can be more reliably used place of rags, towels, boot trays, shelf liners, rugs, garage mats, etc. You’ll have a product for every use to cleanly protect surfaces!

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